Contract Review & Drafting

IMG assists business organizations with the creation and review of various corporate agreements and contracts.  We assist clients with day-to-day contractual and operational disputes, including charter party reviews and disputes, laytime and demurrage adjustments, insurance policy reviews, letters of credit, supply contracts, terms for physical sale and purchase, storage and throughput agreements, joint ventures, regulatory issues and sanctions, and trade finance contracts.

Cost Effective

By outsourcing key components of contract drafting, review, and management to us, we enhance clients’ productivity and scalability, which results in significant cost savings to our clients. Importantly, the use of our talents will free up our clients’ internal resources for doing the high value work that they do best.

An Extension of Your Team

We have strong experience in helping customers who are burdened with large volumes of contracts. Our team of expert attorneys works as an extension of our customers’ teams, taking on routine tasks that can be managed efficiently and effectively by us, which again results in significant cost savings to our clients.

Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

Forming the right business entity is critical to its success. Exactly what legal entity should be chosen and how it should be structure deserves early and careful planning. The most appropriate choice of entity depends upon your preferences for personal and entity taxation, risk of liability; business management authority; obligations as to meetings, paperwork, filings, personnel, and officers and directors-just to name a few.

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets owned by a business and its significant value often leads to disputes. Our lawyers have extensive experience in pursuing and defending all types of disputes and we assist our clients with the enforcement of their own rights, and in matters of infringement of the rights of others.

IMG’s joint venture experience includes domestic, cross border and international joint ventures. The firm has been involved in joint ventures throughout the United States and in non-U.S. countries. IMG’s lawyers have a thorough understanding of all U.S. laws relating to the formation and operation of a joint venture business by a U.S. company.

IMG executes a wide variety of merger, acquisition, divestiture and reorganization transactions. We approach mergers and acquisitions from a business and entrepreneurial perspective, allowing us to anticipate our clients’ needs and develop practical and cost-effective business solutions. Our team approach ensures that each deal proceeds smoothly and as expeditiously as possible.

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