Arbitration provides an alternative avenue for the resolution of disputes, enabling many clients to reduce the costs and time, as well as, the media exposure associated with dispute resolution. IMG counsels clients involved in domestic or international arbitration proceedings. We appear before arbitrators or arbitral tribunals on behalf of our clients, defend claims before arbitrators or arbitration tribunals, assist clients with the filing of arbitration claims, assist clients with the enforcement of arbitral awards, and challenge arbitral awards when necessary.

Cost Effective

IMG prioritizes the quick and effective resolution of every dispute with as little disruption to businesses as possible. If permitted, arbitration may be the best approach for your dispute.


IMG has a strong track record of managing the complexities of multi-jurisdictional disputes and conflict of laws situations in a variety of arbitration venues.

Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

IMG regularly deals with domestic and international arbitration issues for our clients. We frequently appear before the arbitrators and arbitral tribunals on behalf of our clients, and our lawyers in this practice handle regularly assist clients in filing an arbitration claim, defending a claim before an arbitrator or arbitration tribunal, enforcement of arbitral awards, or challenging an arbitral award when necessary.

IMG’s commercial litigators bring energy, personal attention, industry knowledge and substantive legal expertise to each matter. Our clients, whether they are large multinationals or small vessel owner/operators, turn to us for help with their most difficult legal issues. We work closely with them to understand their businesses, identify potential areas of legal exposure, devise strategies to manage risk, and, where appropriate, resolve disputes short of trial. As a result, IMG is able to tailor its advice to our clients’ needs and circumstances in a manner calculated to achieve the best possible result in each case.

The stakes run high in an appeal, and appellate representation requires a unique frame of mind. Our experience and energy inspire confidence in both co-counsel and clients, and whether we are acting as independent counsel or in an advisory capacity, we bring to your case the strategic planning, thorough research, superior writing and strong advocacy that are unique and essential in this area of law. We actively monitor appellate developments relevant to our clients’ industries to alert them to the potential effect of pending cases and forthcoming rulings.

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