Liquid Natural Gas

IMG is recognized by many corporations in the industry as the “go-to” firm for legal advice relating to LNG transportation contracts. Whether your needs involve a sale and purchase agreement,  joint venture,  LNG charter party agreements, or basic advise on financing and construction agreements, the attorneys at IMG are here to help.

Environmental Liability

IMG consults leading industry organizations on matters related to pollution, liability, and the environment in the maritime, energy, and insurance sectors.


We advise clients on potential conflicts with current international law and domestic legislation and regional agreements, as well as, on measures proposed in reaction to incidents, which may extend beyond pollution concerns to maritime safety and security.

Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

Much of our international trade and commodities work comes from the oil and gas industry. We act in relation to disputes arising under both trading and shipping contracts. We also represent some of word’s major independent oil traders on all issues relating to their oil and gas trading, contractual needs, regulatory inquiries, or contentious matters.

IMG’s legal team has vast experience of working closely with a number of major players in the mining industry. We have a thorough understanding of the legal framework governing the industry, and advise on day-to-day administration, as well as handling transactions and acting as counsel in disputes. IMG also offers an exceptionally strong and experienced maritime law team, which has represented mining companies in several charter party disputes.

IMG’s energy and offshore lawyers play an integral role in corporate transactions – evaluating environmental risks, advising on risk management and allocation, and exploring and devising practical solutions to environmental problems. Whether it’s a complex joint venture, a note offering, or project development, IMG’s legal skills give our clients an edge in dealing with the legal nuances in energy and offshore challenges.

IMG’s renewables team has been actively involved in the renewable/alternative energy industry for many years. Our lawyers have experience of advising developers, stakeholders and funders on the logistical aspects of offshore construction projects and offshore wind projects. , offshore wind, wave, tidal, and carbon capture and storage projects.

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