In addition to trade transactions and the nuances of the supply chain, IMG has a thorough understanding of the international sale of goods and the INCOTERMS that largely govern them, which enables us to support small businesses, local companies, and large entities, as each adapts to and embraces changes in international trade law.

International Sales Contracts

International sales contracts are the basis of the import and export business. However, there are considerable differences between U.S. law and the foreign jurisdictions within which many of our clients operate. Those companies that wish to be safe from unpleasant surprises should ensure in advance that all of their contracts involving foreign countries are legally watertight. Please contact IMG with your questions about international contracts.

International Partnerships

In addition, IMG has a network of renowned foreign correspondent lawyers and international institutions, which enables us to quickly and efficiently supply our clients abroad with necessary legal advice.

Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

IMG assists both carriers and cargo owners in preparing transport and freight contracts, and IMG regularly advises clients on the drafting and review of bills of lading, way bills, and electronic bills of lading. We also advise our clients on the nuances of BL law in charter party agreements, and we have been involved with all types of cargo contracts: from general and bulk oil and grain, through to containerized carriage, and specialist cargoes such as LNG. In addition, IMG offers a full range of litigation and arbitration services for our clients with cargo damage claims.

Recognizing that an ounce of prevention in the anti-corruption arena can be worth many millions of dollars in savings on investigative costs and sanctions, IMG employs a practical approach to assist its clients in having the right tools in place before a problem arises. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide clients with the full range of representation in connection with anti-corruption laws, and IMG’s lawyers regularly advise on multi-jurisdictional and complex anti-corruption matters on both the contentious and non-contentious fronts.

IMG’s international trade group is a leading provider of legal services to companies engaged in international trade in the Pacific Northwest. We provide legal services to the global trading community and our clients include trading companies in the fisheries, oil and gas, grain and soft commodity, metals and coal sectors. We have the necessary expertise in dispute resolution in trade matters as well as in all other aspects of international trade, including financing, trading, storage, transportation, insurance and end use. We advise on finance documentation, physical and financial trading terms, freight agreements, regulatory issues and sanctions, and environmental issues therein.

Described as “the life blood of international commerce,” letters of credit, also called LCs, documentary credits, or bankers commercial credits, are the most common method of payment for goods in the international trade. IMG represents both buyers and sellers in commercial disputes involving documentary and stand-by letters of credit, and IMG is extremely familiar with claims of wrongful honor and dishonor disputes and the applicable standards of review by courts or arbitrators.

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